A man and a woman will face Brisbane magistrates court on Friday after a seven-month-old boy was found dead by police north of the city.

“I have been a detective for 30-odd years, it’s one of the most confronting scenes that I’ve seen,” said Det Insp David Jackman from the Queensland police.

Detectives on Thursday night charged the 33-year-old man and 22-year-old woman with one count each of murder and torture. The pair are both known to the child but police have not commented on their relationship.

Ambulance officers called police to a home in Yugar about 6.45am on Thursday in relation to an unresponsive child.

The man and woman were taken into custody at the scene where the infant was found dead, police said.

“The investigations uncovered injuries to the child that are enough for us to charge with murder,” Jackman said.

The man made the initial call to paramedics, he said.

The pair were not previously known to police, and nor was the address.

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