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With Republican takeover only weeks away, January 6 committee looks to wrap up unfinished business

Good morning, US politics blog readers. It’s official: Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives when the new Congress starts on 3 January, which means the January 6 committee has only a few weeks left to finish up its investigation into the attack on the Capitol. The bipartisan panel is still interviewing witnesses with knowledge of Donald Trump’s actions and is expected to release a report before the year is finished. Meanwhile, Politico reports that they may as soon as today respond to the former president’s attempt to quash their subpoena compelling his testimony.

Here’s what else we can expect today:

  • Trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis will both address the Republican Jewish Coalition National Leadership Meeting along with a host of other conservatives. However, since the former president is appearing virtually, it does not appear he’ll be in the same room as the Florida governor, who has lately emerged as his rival.

  • Joe Biden has returned to Washington from a long trip to Egypt and Asia, and will hold a public event with labor and business leaders at 1 pm eastern time.

  • Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell released a statement of congratulations to Nancy Pelosi late yesterday evening after she announced she’d leave Democratic leadership. Kevin McCarthy, the incoming House Republican leader, has yet to do so.

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