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AFP is reporting that a French minister has said the Egyptian conference hosts are proposing a text that is “unacceptable”:

The European Union on Saturday rejected as “unacceptable” a proposal from UN climate summit host Egypt for a deal at Cop27, a French official said, saying it was insufficiently ambitious on reducing carbon emissions.

“At this stage, the Egyptian presidency is calling into question gains made in Glasgow on emissions reduction,” the official from the French energy transition ministry said, referring to the outcome of last year’s Cop26. “This is unacceptable for France and for European Union countries.”

EU climate chief Frans Timmermans has just given a press conference, where he said he believes a deal is possible but that the EU “would rather have no decision than a bad decision”.

No new texts have emerged overnight, so the second draft is still the most recent that has been made public. Fiona Harvey has read between the lines of it to work out what’s been settled and what’s still a long way from being agreed:

Hello, and welcome to the Guardian’s ongoing live coverage of the Cop27 climate conference. It was supposed to finish yesterday evening, but to nobody’s surprise has been extended by a day.

The mood this morning is sombre, and it appears the target agree at the Paris Cop of holding global heating to within 1.5C of pre-industrial levels may be at risk. Frans Timmermans of the EU tweeted this this morning:

#COP27 is in overtime. The EU is united in our ambition to move forward and build on what we agreed in Glasgow. Our message to partners is clear: we cannot accept that 1.5C dies here and today.

— Frans Timmermans (@TimmermansEU) November 19, 2022

We’ll be here bringing you the latest news and developments as they happen, but in the meantime you can catch up on what happened yesterday here:

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