A young football fan with cerebral palsy has said he is “amazed” that Jack Grealish kept his promise to celebrate a goal with a special dance – and urged the England star to do “the Finlay” each time he scores.

Grealish had told Finlay Fisher he would perform the shoulder waggle celebration after the 12-year-oldwrote to him upon learning that the player’s sister, Holly, also has cerebral palsy.

True to his word, the Manchester City forward pulled out the dance after scoring the sixth goal in England’s 6-2 win against Iran at the World Cup in Qatar on Monday.

Speaking after the match, Grealish said: “For me, it’s just doing a celebration but for him that’ll mean the world to him, I’m sure. So Finlay – that one’s for you.”

Finlay said he was amazed to see his idol perform the move as he watched from his living room in Manchester.

“At first I didn’t think he’d remember but then he did it and I was so happy,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Tuesday.

“I thought he’d actually forget but he stuck to his word and stayed true. I was just amazed.”

However, Finlay almost did not get to watch the match at all. He had spent two hours in hospital after hurting his leg in a fall in the morning. The game started just 10 minutes after he returned home.

“I hurt my leg in the morning, and I had to sit in A&E for two hours, and I was like: ‘C’mon let me out, let me out,’” he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

The avid Man City fan said “it really made me happy” when he met Grealish after writing to him earlier this year. Fisher said he had been inspired by the footballer speaking about his love for his younger sister, Hollie, who has cerebral palsy.

“I think he’s very inspirational,” Finlay said. “Because he’s lived with people he knows what it’s like so he gets his message across. I think he supports me and makes me grow confidence so I hope he does that to other people as well.”

The schoolboy said he had named the celebration “the Finlay” and that he felt he was now “best friends” with the Premier League’s most expensive footballer.

And if Grealish thinks he can retire the dance to history, he may need to think again. Fisher urged him to do it each time he scores: “That must be his signature celebration!”

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